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RUMAH, which means HOME in the Malay language, is re-imagining a space for artists from the various Asian diasporas in Britain to integrate & collaborate.


Started in 2020 by Khai, RUMAH aims to serve Asian diaspora artists who are invisible and under-represented. Our programmes include facilitating artists development, creative workshops led by Asian artists for Asian artists, a festival to celebrate new & mid-career artists and parties to network, share experiences and BIG UP yourself!

RUMAH's programmes prioritize Asian diaspora communities, which includes East Asian,

South-East Asian, South Asian, West Asian,
Central Asian, and including those of mixed-Asian heritage and from non-British backgrounds. It is crucial that we do not exclude anyone based on their country of birth or where they grew up.


For producing projects email Khai : / @nkhai



I'm an independent creative producer originally from Singapore and currently based in London. I moved to London in late 2018 to pursue my Masters in creative producing at Royal Central School of Speech & Drama. I mostly work as an independent producer where I make big ideas work on shoestring budgets. Sometimes I’m called a magician, a bank, a cheerleader and a fire-fighter. I have been very fortunate to have worked with amazing artists throughout my producing career.

​I have always wanted to initiate a platform that will house the various Asian diaspora* artists in London. Just imagine, you're in a room (virtual or physical) full of creatives from the Asian diasporas - taking up space, owning their narratives and celebrating each other's artistic practice. I personally started RUMAH because I don't see myself represented as an Asian creative in The UK today. When we talk about 'representation' I don't just meant a seat on the table, but I'm talking about building a new table together and working collaboratively

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