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A Party_Workshop led by Asian Creatives

Welcome to My Crying Party is a Party/Workshop led by Asian Creatives
for Asian communities and Allies.  

This online crying party is hosted on zoom at the end of every month to check in with yourself and the community. It runs like a workshop, facilitated by Asian Creatives, where they will encourage participants to network, learn a new art skill and at the same time understand how to support your wellbeing.

We’ve held movement & yoga sessions,  free flow of comic drawing, creative writing with scents, batik painting and using henna cones to write positive affirmations - all online!

Held on Zoom every last Saturday of the month, participants not only learn a new skill, but meet other like minded indiviudals in a brave space.
We stay connected with other individuals who identify as Asian and who lives around The UK.


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