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7.15pm- 7.45pm -  This is not a solo dance by

Yun Collective


Our patriarchal society sets the meaning of a decent woman. For generations, women have been expected to dance in the same choreography; however, underground, many of us fight to break the pattern and to change the design.  This performative drawing solo is inspired by Chinese calligraphy.

'女', the Chinese word for woman, contains three strokes. It has to be written in the set order, as women are told to perform in certain patterns. The performer embodied the writing and transformed it into dancing. Through the repetitive movements, she undergoes a negotiation between the outside world and herself.

About the Artist

Yun Collective, a collaboration between Vera Yun Lee and Ruby Yun-Er Chang, is a live art company focus on creating culture-inspired activism performances. The two Taiwanese artists are respectively from performance and illustration background. This company celebrates the colliding of two fields, exploring forms that are fused with cultural elements. 


云 | tell  沄 | waves 紜|diverse


These mandarin words all pronounced ‘Yun.’ Yun Collective strives to make works that are fluid, gentle, but powerful and influential as water can be. We do not only work with movement but also objects and visuals, connecting with our participants without language barriers.


8.00pm – 8.30pm– The Melody of Masti by Marissa Khaos with

Music by Michael Rabimsha


Khaos's poems focus on the echo of war, it's lingering violence, and the spiritual journey towards emancipation of a woman, an outsider, and a rebel. Accompanied by Michael Rabimsha and his berimbau, an instrument from Bahia played during capoeira, The Medoly of Masti embodies that spiritual journey.


About the Artist

Afghan artist and activist in the diaspora, Marissa Khaos is the artistic name for Manizha Sepas. Khaos's performance is an amalgam of music, poetry and theatre, using multiple languages to explore the thread that binds a disconnected and dysfunctional reality.


8.45pm- 9.15pm– Siapa Yang Bawa Melayu Aku Pergi ?

 (Who took my Malay away?)

by Mohamad Faizal Abdullah 


Awang is a Malay man from Singapore. He is proud of his heritage and he wants to share it with you. Join Awang as he talks about his culture and especially Jawi, the Arabic script that the Malay people used to write and read the Malay language with. He will also share with you about his life, his hopes and dreams and also his regrets as Malay man from Singapore.

Siapa Yang Bawa Melayu Aku Pergi was first performed at Barrel Organ’s LIVE 10 and Battersea Arts Centre’s Homegrown Occupy Party


About the Artist:

Mohamad Faizal Abdullah is a Muslim-Malay theatre-maker. He has worked with many of Singapore's leading theatre companies such as TheatreWorks, Cake Theatrical Productions and The Necessary Stage. He also directed Hawa, which was invited to perform at the Brisbane Festival in 2017. 

He is a recent graduate of the MA Performance Making programme at Goldsmiths, University of London.


9.15pm – 9.45pm & 10.15pm-10.30 pm
DJ Set by Arya Rinaldo


Having moved from Jakarta to London, Arya brought his collection of vintage Asian and Middle Eastern disco, psych and pop records to play at parties in East and South London, often blending them with rap and electronic. He is a resident DJ at AAJA Deptford, and has shows on NTS, Reprezent and SOAS Radio.

9.45pm- 10.15pm– The Living Room by Comediasians (Improv Troupe)

Comediasians is the UK’s first all Asian improv troupe dedicated to celebrating Asian performers in London. The up-and-coming crew is formed of members from some of the UK’s top comedy associations, including Upright Citizens Brigade Theater, Second City, IO, Free Association, Hoopla and the BBC Writers Room.


As the only all Asian improv troupe in the UK, Comediasians will be performing an electrifying comedy show that is entirely made up on the spot! You’ll be amazed as they turn a one-word audience suggestion into a fully formed show inside their “Living Room”.


About the Artist:

BRUCE TANG is a British-Chinese comedian, writer and illustrator. Bruce has produced content for ITV, Comic Relief and has taken part in the BBC Writers Room.He’s also part of the comedy world as an illustrator, most recently working with Comedy Bang! Bang!


Kelsey fully arrived in London at the beginning of last year and immediately dove head and feet first into the London improv jam scene. She is the founder of The Clap, Istanbul’s international improv team that performs in English. Aside from Comediasians, you can see her improvising with Improv the Dead, Gubbins, and the occasional jam.

Yiannis Cove is a London based improviser and writer. He has been performing improv since 2015, having studied with UCB and Hoopla Impro. He has also written satirical pieces for a number of publications including Second City and Robot Butt.

Tulasi Das is a filmmaker and improviser hailing from the Netherlands. Aside from Comediasians, you can find her improvising with Something Quenching and hip hop improv group track 96.

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