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Chinese Indigo Shibori Workshop +

Tea Ceremony 



China is home to 55 ethnic minorities.

Yi Crafts offers authentic experiences of the crafts and cultural traditions of China, especially the beautiful but vanishing traditional handcrafts of its minority ethnicities.

Bai stitch resist tie-dye known as 'ZhaRan' in Chinese and 'Shibori' in Japanese is a traditional craft of the Bai ethnic minority group in Yunnan, southern China.


This craft has existed for over 1000 years and is still practiced today.

In this 2-hours workshop, led by a member of the Bai people, you will:

  • Learn and practice two traditional stitch resist tie-dye techniques

  • Create your own design based on these techniques, and apply it to a provided cotton tote bag or scarf

  • Dye your final product in our natural Indigo dye vat and learn about the dyeing process

At the end of the workshop, you will take home your unique designed cushion cover and practice pieces, and hopefully a new skill!

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Pamper Me Session





Learn how to make LUSH’s popular Comforter bubble bar and their Big Blue bath bomb. Did you know that the Big Blue bath bomb has traditional Asian ingredients ? Part  of the session LUSH will be speaking about the benefits of these ingredients, the benefits of bathing, small ways we can take care of ourselves in such a busy city and discuss cheap and cheerful ways to relieve anxiety.

All of this in relation to cosmetics! 


Participants will also be bringing home : 

A Comforter bubble bar

Big Blue bath bomb 

Samples of LUSH’s Sleepy range which includes a shower gel, soap and body lotion

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